All you need is love.

Seeing a friend upset is probably the most frustrating thing ever. Not because they are upset, but because 99% of the time, there is nothing you can do to help. It does not matter why you are upset, it matters that you are upset.


I can sit here for hours listening to your every fear and confession. I can take you out for coffee and make you forget about all the bad stuff in your life for a few short, perfect hours. I can wipe away the tears that spill from your pretty eyes. But I cannot fix what is wrong, and that is the most dissapointing thing about it all.

I want to take all the pain and heart ache from you. I want to bundle it all up into a tight ball, and throw it in the biggest, muddiest hole I can find, and bury it so it can never return. I would do this, if it was possible. But the frustrating thing is, that most pain isnt physical. It’s emotional, it’s on the inside. I cannot fix that. And that makes me feel like a failure. No body wants to see their loved ones hurt. No body wants to see them cry and have them push you away, because they can’t deal with how they feel.

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We may of been friends for years, or we may have just met. But if you are willing to let me into your life, I’m willing to let you into mine. Please, don’t push me away. I will just follow you. I will miss you when you are not near, and I will treasure the time when you are. True friends are rare to find these days, and I won’t give up on them easily.

You aren’t perfect. Neither am I. I believe no body is truely perfect. Every one has their flaws. I am sick, but I can still love. Together, we can all create perfect things.

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I may be just down the street, or in another state, but I am here. It may not always be possible to talk face to face, or wrap my arms around you and give you a much needed hug, but you are always in my thoughts. And I will do anything I can, to help you through this.

Forgive yourself, my friends, for you are only human. There is no book that tells you how to live life, there are no guidelines to guide you. We all make mistakes. But I am here, to help you. We are all afraid to fall, and we are all afraid of failing. But I am here. Please, let me help you. Believe me when I say, there is no one like you.

Everyone has their special talents and strengths, things that they can do better than others. Everyone has different dreams and hopes. But the reason I love you, is because you are you. Not for what you look like, not for what you do.

I love the people who I love, because of who they are inside. Believe me when I say I love you. For there is nothing more powerful in this world than love. It keeps the world spinning, it keeps our dainty fingers and stubby toes warm. It keeps us smiling and keeps the butterflies floating in our tummies. It makes people do irrational and stupid things. I also realize it can cause heart ache and betrayal, may it be from your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife, may it be from your lover or your mother, your father or sibling. It could be from your best friend or work friend. But for some reason, even though we all know that there is a chance of being hurt, we still keep loving. We love our partners, we love our family. We love our friends. And, that is the most beautiful thing. I will be here, and I will love you. I just hope, that will love me too.

For me, paradise is where ever my friends are.


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