If tomorrow never came.

Sometimes, knowing I don’t have much time scares me. What will happen to the world, if tomorrow never came?

Would a tiny green caterpillar still transform into a magnificent, bright winged butterfly?

Would the flutter of her wings still tickle the pale, paper-thin skin of your hands?

Would she still only live a few erratic days, before she silently falls out of the sky, as her body shuts down and the light in her eyes fades into darkness?

Would the ocean still stretch as far as your pretty blue eyes could see?

Would the waves still rise and fall and make love with the coarse beige sand?

Would the crabs still scuttle here and there, dodging the claws of the hungry sea birds soaring high above?

Would the wild grey wolves still dance through the forest, and howl at the full moon?

And would the deer still frolic through the lush green undergrowth?

Would the tall, old trees still spread their branches and sway in the chilling, night-time breeze?

When I die, these are the things I will miss.

The world will keep turning, people will keep living, and these things will always be there. And that’s the way it should be.

If tomorrow never comes, 

 The sun will still shine.

The rain will still fall.

And the wind will still blow.

The flowers will still grow.

The children will still laugh.

And the birds will still sing.

Caterpillars will still become butterflies.

Wings will still tickle hands.

And things will still die.

Waves will still crash.

Crabs will still scuttle.

And sea birds will still fly.

Wolves will still howl.

Deer will still frolic.

And the trees will still sway.

People will still kiss, and love, and break hearts.

There will still be pain, and sadness, but there will always be beauty.

Sometimes, beautiful people have to leave, but as long as these things are always here, the world will always be beautiful.


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